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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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kind of gloomy if you're going to be outdoors but don't worry, sunshine comes back tomorrow. we just have to get through today. here's our radar. a few isolated showers now through johnston county, extreme southeastern portions of harnett county towards dunn and towards cumberland county as well. hope county also getting in on a few sprinkles. in the areas we're dealing with very mild temperatures. so no threat of anything icing but temperatures are in the 40s around lilgtop, fayetteville and -- lillington, 42. 29 degrees in siler city. 26 in roxboro. here's a look at the fast forecast for today, a few showers at 8:00 a.m. 36 out the door. 41 at noon. the best chance of rain is going to develop this afternoon. we should be close to 46 for an afternoon high and yeah, that is cooler than normal if you're rain continues especially areas south and east of the triangle
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we'll get to more on the forecast and that sunshine heading our way for the weekend in a bit. >> let check traffic. it's pretty empty. not a lot in the commute. if you're getting ready to hit the roadways not a lot to slow you down. i'm looking at the live drive conditions, 63 on i-40 westbound, eastbound moving at 63 miles per hour. but look at this, slow and go coming into 40 on u.s. 1 moving at 15 miles per hour. we'll continue to watch this and see if any accidents do develop in that area. for now i'm going to send it back to you. today members of the military will have an opportunity to meet with potential new employers, the annual recruit military job fair is being held. >> emma wright joins us outside the stadium with more on what you need to know when you go. emma? >> reporter: this job fair is expected to bring hundreds of veterans and dozens of employers together. we talked with veterans who
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past and they say it's very helpful. we're going to show you video of one of the career fairs in the past year. more than 40 companies were at last year's. it's at the vaughn towers. recruit military, is the company that is putting it on and say they expect to have companies like home depot, aaa, time warner cable, post office and city of raleigh. we talked with veterans at previous fairs and they say finding a job after leaving the military can be tough but say career fairs like this make it easier. >> they want that college degree. or they want some kind of college degree. and it's like -- i've tried to explain to myself, you want somebody who read a book for two years? i've done it four years and been shot at while i did it. >> the fair is happening 11:00 a.m., runs to 3:00 p.m. recruit military says it would be helpful to register on-line
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sure to bring a resume. today the aspca will begin to remove animals from a shelter in hope county. the largest animal rescue of theirs in history. animal rescue shelter. more than 600 animals found living in what authorities call deplorable conditions. the owners were charged with cruelty. some had open wounds, others with severe respiratory it operated without a license for the last 10 years. >> what took authorities so long to intervene? >> what they would do is these through the state. investigation. when it came to the animal cruelty or neglect. that is when we drafted a search warrant and went to the property. >> nearly 140 aspca responders will access the property during the next two to three days. police in durham are
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dozen unsolved homicides from last year. after last year's murder rate nearly doubled there. one unsolved case involves 22- year-old johnny mclean. he was gunned down in march while driving in east durham. wncn questioned durham police about why the cases haven't been solved. investigators tell us factors like lack of witness cooperation and little physical evidence sometimes holds up an arrest. but police say they never give up. >> all of our homicide cases until they are solved remain active. we never have one that goes inactive. >> detectives stress you can give confidential tips to crime stoppers, we posted that phone number on i-40 is back open. deadly crash in wake county closed it down for hours. we're going to take a live look at i-40 and 70 near garner. the accident happened just before 4:30 last night. police say jason jones was driving on to the exit ramp
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lucas. lucas, walk biology the -- walking on the side of the road was killed. so far no charges have been filed. police are investigating. lawmakers will meet again next month to have their voices heard on whether someone should step in on the low performing schools. the plan would take five of the low evident performing schools and -- lowest performing schools and put them in one district. christmas came in january for some kids at unc children's hospital, yesterday employees delivered 160 boxes filled with toys, crafts and books as well. a mother whose son is waiting for a heart transplant says things like this really make the stay at the hospital a whole lot easier. >> i think it kind of gets his mind off of what he's actually going through.
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to have the outside world come to you. >> 150 lab cops employees filled each box as part of a team building activity. lab corps. time now 5:06. big changes are coming for the ferguson, missouri police department. just ahead, details behind a new deal between the police department and the department of justice. > ing less than 50 cents for gas?
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welcome back. a frightening fall for a skier in alaska. angel colinson was filming for a movie when she hit an icy patch falling more than 1,000 feet. down a mountain. amazingly she only suffered two jammed fingers and bruises too. she was wearing a microphone. you could clearly hear her saying i'm ok, i'm ok. if it was me i would be like help me! >> i look like that on the bunny slopes. i'm not very good at all. a little practice and you'll get there my friend. let's talk about the weather. we had gray skies yesterday. >> we did. >> more today. but just get through today and
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and the weekend. right now 37 degrees, this is a live picture from the raleigh- durham international airport. all is quiet now. it's still a little chillier than where we were yesterday but keep in mind we should be a little colder for our morning hours at this time of year. here's our satellite and radar composite, not a lot going on, just a few very isolated showers across the sand hills. that's what i think will hang around throughout the morning hours. isolated showers. i think there will be an area of heavier rain developing later this afternoon. i'll show that you in a moment. let's talk now a few scattered showers around cumberland county, also southern portions of samson county into johnston county, just a few sprinkles. again very light in nature and the good news is, in those areas temperatures are well above freezing. 42 lillington. 42 fayetteville. also in the low 40s around pinehurst and raeford. 38 in sanford. areas that are not seeing as much cloud cover are seeing colder temperatures. 27 roxboro. 28 in south hill.
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forecast -- 36 at 6:00 and 7:00 this morning. we'll drop to near 35 before we start to climb again, back to 37 by 9:00 a.m. this morning. isolated showers, colder temperatures, i will let you know though that the sunshine arrives tomorrow. i'll let you know how warm that gets us, coming up in the complete forecast. 5:11. two teens are dead after drinking a deadly concoction. we're going to tell you what doo-shine is and why moms and dads need to be very concerned. after the break a thief gets quite a surprise when he tries to hold up a convenience store.
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miss. 5:15. today you can once again share your thoughts about fayetteville's controversial city seal. it's a picture of the fayetteville markethouse. slaves were sold there during the 1800s. critics say the landmark building is a symbol of slavery. >> the republican presidential candidates face off tonight on fox news. it's the very last debate before next week's iowa caucuses. frontrunner donald trump says he won't be there sighting an issue with the moderator megyn kelly who he believes treated him unfairly during the first debate.
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with wounded warriors and veterans. challenger blew up 30 years ago. all on board died. january 208th is a -- 28th is a national day of remembrance. nasa will lay a wreath at arlington and there will be developments throughout the day. a whale washes ashore. unc wilmington stranding gourd their said it was 1 to 2 years old, weighed 115,000 pounds. also very thin and appeared to be very sick. in the city of ferguson, missouri, and the justice department, they are gearing up to make major changes in the city's police department. this after a proposed deal between the city and the department of justice. the proposal requires more thorough training of police officers, also requires all officers, supervisors, jail workers to wear body cams as well as microphones. the move comes more than a year after an officer shot and killed an armed teen michael brown. that shooting sparked nationwide outrage and protests.
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oklahoma are looking for the person who tried to hold up a convenience store. the owner though fought back. take a look. the whole thing caught on tape. the gunman first asked for cigarettes before pulling out his weapon and demanding cash. the owner grabbed a crowbar and defended himself. he managed to scare that attacker off. two teens in tennessee died after drinking a dangerous mix of soda and racing fuel. two other teens who drank the mixture were taken to the hospital, eventually released. the drink is known by some as dewshine and extremely dangerous. important to note mountain dew makes a product called "dew- shine" but it's not the same thing as the combination of soda and racing fluid. >> don't do it. a georgia state trooper is recovering after being shot twice yesterday near atlanta. jacob fields was trying to pull
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it was a 10-mile chase before the driver rammed into another car, got out, started shooting. the suspects now at the icu. the enter state was shut down for hours. in texas people snagged gas for 39 cents a gallon, where was i? here in north carolina. one company offered this special price for a couple of hours. to show customer appreciation. in case you were wondering the price for a gallon of gas hasn't been that low since 1969. that's a deal. 37 degrees now. here's a live picture from the airport. not a lot going on, on this thursday morning. it's a little colder than where we were yesterday. still pretty mild for this time of year. the reason being, we still have cloudy skies in place. those cloudy skies paving the way for some showers to move in today. some of the showers falling now. you kind of have to look close but we're seeing a few isolated
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of johnston county, around the sand hills. i want take to you a closer look around raeford, light showers extending to cumberland county. very scattered across the county this morning. so if you're waking up, you're dry, maybe dry five, 10 minutes away and you'll see a little rain around heroic and dho keand cumberland counties. i think there is a better chance of rain as we head into the afternoon. here's how the day will shape up. a few showers this morning, we're up to 38 by 10:00 a.m. 41 at noon. as you can see, as the temperatures climb so does the rain chance, 46 our afternoon high. best chance of rain say late this afternoon into the evening drive home. so that could slow you down as you come home say between 4:00 and 6:00 this evening. here's your future forecast. we'll map out the rain chances. through about noon, with just a few isolated showers. i think this is our in-house model. this is -- this is our inhouse model, the bulk of the rain
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around raleigh and east through the 95 corridor is where i'm saying we'll have the best chance of rain later this afternoon. but, that is going to quickly taper off. by midnight at the latest we're skies. those clearing skies going to pave the way for much colder tomorrow morning. but that sunshine then is going afternoon. that sunshine means warmer temperatures. 46 our high today. we climb to 51 friday. 55 by saturday. look at that, sunday into monday, yes, you're seeing this correctly, 60s are possible. 62 sunday, 66 on monday. let's get to the temperature now. obviously nowhere near close to the 60s. 27 in roxboro. 27 south hill. where they are seeing more clouds south of the triangle, 42 fayetteville, lillington and raeford. 46 in raleigh for the high this afternoon. 48 fayetteville. then fast forward to tonight with the rain ending and that gradual clearing.
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temperatures, 32 to be exact. that is what you'll have friday morning. friday afternoon 51. wall-to-wall sunshine on saturday. and on sunday. sunday really just beautiful for this time of year. the dry weather continues for monday with a high of 66. then don't forget it's groundhog day on tuesday. we'll see good old groundhog, longer winter? or longer spring? 5:21 on thursday. let's check traffic. nothing to slow you down on this thursday morning drive in. sand hills on the live drive conditions to show you, where we're seeing the green is where the roads are wet. we've been tracking just a few showers, so some of you around hoke and cumberland counties could encounter wet roads. we'll keep you updated on traffic and weather next update
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>> i love when the groundhog makes the appearance. tuesday? ok. today's pet, "vinny" lives with two other dogs and linda in hillsborough. >> we want to feature you are your furry friend, e-mail it to it's a neat coat. >> looks warm. smart guy. coming up on 5:22 -- former unc football star and panthers safety heading to the super bowl. coming up in sports our todd gibson talks with a player about the excitement surrounding the big game. >> duke issues an announcement, suspending all activities for the university sororities.
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details coming up. welcome back. hundreds of thousands of kids, even adults dreamt of making it to the super bowl. even a few get to actually live it. >> in just 11 days former unc star trey boston is going to get to live out his dream. todd gibson with his story from charlotte. >> going to the super bowl. >> reporter: trey and the carolina panthers are going to the super bowl. this game is the ultimate for him. >> the dream, somewhere, being little, so far away from you but you know, you want to hold it so much -- so near to your heart.
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and fans have played in a million super bowls. whether in their backyard or in their head. it's no different for former unc star trey except his dreams are about to become reality. well before he ever became a star at north carolina he like all football players had a vision of what it was like playing in a game watched by more than 100 million people. in fact his mom would often be part of it, throwing him the ball as he makes that game- changing play. >> by the time the clock is going down, you might have the last play, throwing it to yourself. i was quarterback, receiver and runningback. it's a dream. >> reporter: sometimes dreams come true. that is the case for trey, now in just a few days he'll see how his dreams play out. picking off peyton manning, has that ever occurred in his make believe super bowls? >> no. i never -- maybe brett favre, older quarterbacks. peyton manning wasn't on my list.
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now and he hopes this plays out in real life. >> great player. if i can grow my hair like that i would. mine is wavy, one waving goodbye to the other. back to sports -- questionable player on player hits every not. official hits? that's just dirty. calgary defenseman dennis wideman decided for some reason to crosscheck don henderson viciously into the boards. he saw no penalty time. the office is going to review that vicious hit. calgary plays next wednesday after the all-star break. coming up in the next half- hour -- emma? >> job fair for veterans being held in raleigh today. i'm emma wright. what you need to know before you go, coming up. >> as we head to break here's a live look over the capital city.
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forecast next. people have another chance today to voice their opinions about fayetteville city seal. why some say it needs to be removed. >> a job fair in raleigh aims to help veterans and their spouses find jobs. what you need to know to get involved. >> 30 years ago today the challenger blew up a little more than a minute after takeoff. how the victims will be remembered. so many of us remember exactly where and what we were doing at the time of that explosion. >> i was in my seventh grade class, living in south florida. it was a big deal because it took off from there. it was confusing. they deserve recognition. we'll have more on that. it's thursday. it's over the hump. glad you're with us, i'm mike gonzalez. >> i'm stefan chase. good morning. we're going to have a check on the morning news as well as traffic. let's find out about this forecast. more clouds, right? that's right.
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